Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is prescribed for all patients after heart surgery or a heart attack, and after an invasive cardiology procedure.

Rehabilitation begins in the hospital and is continued in an outpatient program where we prepare you to return to work and resume your normal activities. The program is conducted by a registered nurse, an exercise physiologist and an exercise leader.

Included are individualized cardiac rehab programs that address risk factor modification, exercise, nutrition, psychological and vocational needs. Also, Sentara offers community-based facilities that offer ongoing fitness and healthy lifestyle programs designed especially for patients with heart disease.

Our specially trained cardiac staff will monitor your heart rhythm and blood pressure during exercise and while your exercise level is increased. In-group settings or one-on-one, patients are encouraged to share how dealing with challenges of everyday living affects their lifestyle.

Key Cardiac Rehab Offerings:

  • Supervised exercise classes
  • Behavior modification programs for risk factor modification including stress management and smoking cessation
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure screenings
  • Nutrition evaluation and diet therapy
  • Individual and group support for familie