Telehealth at Home

Remote Monitoring

What is Telehealth At Home?

Telehealth At Home is a program that allows healthcare providers to continuously monitor patient vitals and symptoms remotely. Telemonitoring has helped many patients reduce their chances of hospital readmission and emergency room visits.

Each patient in the Telehealth At Home program is provided with a 4G Samsung tablet loaded with easy-to-use software that is customized to meet the patient's unique needs. The tablet provides patients with educational videos and medication reminders, and comes with monitoring devices such as a blood pressure monitor, scale, and a pulse oximeter so that patients can take their vitals daily. The 4G tablet allows clinicians to remotely track a patient's vitals and symptoms. In addition, we can communicate with the patient through the tablet without the need for a landline or internet connection.

Optimizing patient care with digital connectivity

The Telehealth At Home program monitors patients with a variety of medical needs and diseases, including asthma, congestive heart failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

The telemonitoring tablet, used by Sentara Home Health, gives patients the ability to easily perform important measurements daily and/or as often as they want. Within minutes, patients electronically transmit this information specific to their condition to a home health nurse – all from the comfort of their home.

Through a combination of in-home visits and telemonitoring encounters, Sentara Home Health nurses are able to identify worsening conditions early and notify physicians in time to avoid hospital or ER admissions.

The telemonitoring software allows patients to:

  • Measure weight, blood pressure, heart rate, glucose and SPO2 and track their readings
  • Let clinicians know of symptoms through a daily survey
  • Learn about their disease condition and how to manage it
  • Track their medication adherence and progress
  • Communicate with their clinician via text, phone, or video chat

The telemonitoring software allows clinicians to:

  • Monitor a patient's vitals in real time
  • Respond to high-risk readings that could lead to a hospital (re)admission
  • Communicate with patients via text, phone, or video chat
  • Track the patient's medication adherence
  • Supplement education through videos and teach-back quizzes

Our telehealth solution allows patients to manage their care at home while providing clinicians the unique opportunity to intervene when patients are at high risk for a hospital readmission or ER visit. For more information, call 800-HOMECARE or 1-888-461-56491-888-461-5649 outside of Virginia.