Community Outreach

Hospital Relations

Nightingale strives to visit each referring hospital at least once a year. By doing this we are able to educate the requestors on changes within Nightingale and when to utilize the service. These hospital visits also allow Nightingale the opportunity to meet the staff members, give suggestions for efficient patient transfer preparation, and to offer tours of the aircraft.

Emergency Services Relations

Nightingale arranges visits with referring fire and EMS agencies on a routine basis. The purpose of these site visits is to train first responders in issues of scene safety, setting up landing zones, patient packaging, flight preparation, and aircraft loading. This allows us to educate the requestors on how to fully utilize Nightingale's services. It gives Nightingale time to meet the requestors in a stress-free environment and allow time for tours of the aircraft.

Requesting a Site Visit

To request a site visit, please fill out this online form.

After your request is submitted, one of the crew members will contact you to confirm the information and may ask additional information. We do ask that departments try to coordinate the site visit with other stations in their organization whenever possible.
If no one contacts you within five days, please contact the Nightingale office at 757-388-2500.

Please try to schedule at least four weeks in advance. If any visits need to be scheduled sooner, please call the office at 757-388-2500.