Choosing a Hospital

When you have a life-threatening emergency, you should always go to the nearest hospital. However, if you’re planning surgery or other treatment, it helps to understand your choices so you can make an informed decision with your doctor. Below is a checklist of questions to ask to help you choose a hospital. 

Ask your doctor or healthcare provider:

  • Which hospitals do you work with?
  • Which hospital has the best care and results for my condition?
  • How well were your other patients treated at that hospital?
  • Why do you recommend this hospital for my care?
  • What are you basing your recommendation on?
  • Why is this the best hospital for me?

Find out if the hospital:

  • Checks and improves its quality of care? Ask how problems with care are handled.
  • Is conveniently located for you and your family. Can you and your family get there easily for planned or emergency care?
  • Has convenient visiting hours and other rules that are important to you and your family. For instance, can someone stay overnight in the room with you?
  • Is clean. Visit the hospital and look around. Do the rooms look comfortable and orderly?
  • Has rooms that offer privacy
  • Check with your insurance company or health plan to see whether you:
    • Have to go to a certain hospital for non-emergency care.
    • Have to pay a different amount depending on which hospital you use.

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