About My Albemarle Medical Records

My Albemarle Medical Record is a secure, online tool that lets you see all your personal medical information from any visit to Sentara Albemarle Medical Center and helps you manage your healthcare. With a few simple clicks, you can:

Manage Your Health Information

  • See and update personal information, like your mailing address, phone number and email
  • See lab results* – available in 36 hours
  • See radiology reports from all diagnostic imaging tests – available in 36 hours
  • See and update medical information, like medication allergies and immunization (shots) history
  • Get information about your medical conditions
  • See a history of your hospital visits
  • Get discharge instructions when you leave the hospital
  • See a summary of your current health
  • Download and securely send your health information to other doctors or hospitals – rather than over the phone or in person**

* Not all lab results will be available in My Albemarle Medical Record. Please contact the Medical Records department at Sentara Albemarle Medical Center, at 252-384-4609, for your complete record.

** Other providers must have secure/direct exchange capabilities to accept your Patient Health

Manage Your Medications

  • Keep an up to date list of medications you take
  • Find out how and when to take your medications
  • Get information about your medications

Manage Hospital Appointments

  • See what visits you have coming up
  • Pre-register for upcoming appointments

Manage Your Hospital Bills

  • See your current account balance
  • See a history of charges and payments
  • Pay your bill online – COMING SOON

All of Your Information, in One Place My Albemarle Medical Record is easy to use.

You can get to your record from wherever you are – at home, on vacation, or at the doctor’s office or hospital You can see your record on your smartphone or tablet You can manage information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year My Albemarle Medical Record helps others care for you. If you have loved ones or caregivers you want to have access to your record you can make them authorized users.

Even though Sentara Albemarle Medical Center is now part of Sentara Healthcare, your My Albemarle Medical Record will not include information from other Sentara hospitals or doctors because we are on different computer systems for now. Also, no information from here will be included in your Sentara MyChart.

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