MyChart Now Available at Sentara Albemarle Medical Center

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Sentara MyChart Account creation

Why should I have to create an additional account?

Sentara MyChart and Sentara Albemarle Medical Center patient portals are different products. Sentara Albemarle Medical Center is transitioning to a new Clinical System (Epic); therefore, a new account is necessary.

How do I create an account?

View step-by-step instructions.

Why must I provide my Social Security Number to activate a Sentara MyChart Account?

Sentara MyChart provides you with a secure electronic method of accessing your personal healthcare information. To do this, we have secure guidelines that must be met. Sentara uses your name, date of birth, and social security number as your personal identifiers when generating your MyChart account. Our system can only link you to your medical information if all of your information matches.

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Personal questions to validate identity

Why does this process involve asking personal questions?

To ensure your identity, we use a third party vendor called Experian Identity Validation Services. This system poses questions which electronically identify you. This further protects your privacy while linking you to your healthcare information. Read more information on Experian Identity Validation Services.

How can I obtain a MyChart activation code without answering personal questions?

  • Your Hospital Visit Discharge Instructions contains a MyChart Activation Code.
  • The After Visit Instructions you receive from your Sentara Albemarle Medical Center visit contains a MyChart activation code.
  • You may submit a MyChart Assistance Request to request a MyChart Activation Code.

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Information in your current My Albemarle Medical Record Patient Portal

Where is my health information located?

  • Healthcare information for services received through September 30, 2017 may be referenced on the previous Sentara Albemarle Medical Record Patient Portal, or by contacting the Medical Records Office. If you need assistance with your Sentara Albemarle Medical Record Patient Portal please send an email to
  • Healthcare information for hospital services received (lab, emergency room, or hospital stays) received after September 30, 2017 will be viewable on Sentara MyChart.
  • My Albemarle Medical Record Patient Portal will remain accessible until November 17, 2017. After November 17, 2017 you can still request copies of all information from medical Records.

How do I move my old information so that I can still reference it using MyChart?


  1. Directions to download a summary of your information for My Albemarle Medical Record Patient Portal.
  2. Create a Sentara MyChart account. (If you have not already registered)
  3. Create a MyChart Central/LUCY account to be able to view your downloaded information.
  4. Save the summary of your information from your previous My Albemarle Patient Portal to MyChart Central/LUCY. (Upload)
  5. Reference your stored information from your previous My Albemarle Medical Record Patient Portal.

What if I decide not to move my information to Sentara MyChart?

  • It is not mandatory that you move your information from the My Albemarle Medical Record  Patient Portal.
  • You can always request a copy of your medical record through the Medical Records office.
  • Your providers will continue to be able to access your healthcare information without any effort on your part.

I have moved my information and do not see my old information in MyChart.

  • The information you have elected to move to MyChart is viewable by using the MyChart Central/LUCY feature.   This information does not populate the discrete sections of MyChart.
  • From October 1, 2017 forward, significant parts of the healthcare services received at Sentara will be viewable in your Sentara MyChart account.

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