Patient Advocates

To help facilitate open communication, Sentara hospitals employ Patient Advocates – staff members who serve as liaisons between patients and family members and the appropriate hospital staff.

Patient Advocates visit patients to help with problem solving and facilitate questions, concerns and complaints. They field questions about hospital services or level of care provided, patient rights and hospital policies and practices. They speak out on behalf of patients and their families and document all concerns, sharing regular written reports with the appropriate managers.

The ultimate goal of our Patient Advocates is to provide you with support and improve your level of customer satisfaction while striving to identify and promote continuous quality improvements at our hospitals.

If you have a question, concern, complaint or compliment you’d like to share with a Patient Advocate, please fill out our Contact Us form and provide:

1) the name of the hospital (or other facility) where you received treatment

2) the topic area you’d like to discuss

3) your contact information

4) a good time of day to reach you.

The appropriate Patient Advocate will follow up with you as soon as possible.

You may use the Contact Us form to submit a question, concern, complaint or compliment about any of our Sentara facilities.