Sentara Leigh Hospital reached a new milestone recently when it opened its west tower as part of a larger renovation project on its campus.

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Sentara Leigh Hospital opens west tower

Sentara Leigh Hospital reached a new milestone recently when it opened its West Tower as part of a larger renovation project which has the hospital reinventing itself within the footprint of a campus that dates back to the mid-1970s. Housing new patient rooms that were more than double the size of the 1970-era rooms, West Tower is the mirror image of the East Tower which opened in November of 2013.

Now, all 250 patient rooms at the hospital have increased space, dedicated areas for patients and family, large bathrooms and amenities like free Wi-Fi and couches that double as sleeping space for guests.

All the rooms have been outfitted with copper-infused materials as part of a clinical trial to test the antibacterial advantages of copper in everything from bed linens to tabletops and wall surfaces.

Moving patients from the old units into the new five-story bed towers involved weeks of logistical planning and all hands on deck. In total, 64 patients were safely moved, completing the patient care area transition for the hospital.

Staff made the move fun for patients as they clapped and sang and left the old wing for the new West Tower.

Next up for the team at Sentara Leigh Hospital is the demolition of the oldest section of the hospital to make way for a new main entrance and lobby, outpatient services and public meeting rooms to be constructed in its place. In the interim, patients and visitors will access the hospital through the healing garden that was created in between the East and West patient towers.

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