Sentara OrthoJoint Center® opens in Northern Virginia providing a seamless orthopedic approach.

Sentara OrthoJoint Center® opens in Northern Virginia

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Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center announces the opening of the Sentara OrthoJoint Center® to enhance orthopedic patient experiences. The enhanced patient experience is based on a seamless, coordinated orthopedic care approach provided by a team of experienced surgeons along with specially-trained nurses, therapists and technicians. For those who are considering joint replacements to address knee or hip pain that has reduced their quality of life, care at the new Sentara OrthoJoint Center aims to increase patient and family involvement to boost recovery.

The center offers dedicated orthopedic services solely focused on the needs of patients requiring hip and knee joint replacements. From specialized pre-surgery joint replacement education sessions and daily newsletters to group therapy sessions and group lunches, the enhancements are focused on improving patient engagement and clinical outcomes.

In addition, an orthopedic nurse navigator, experienced in orthopedics, serves as the primary contact for patients to guide them throughout the process. Navigators offer patient education and are available to answer questions before or after surgery. Access to the Sentara orthopedic nurse navigator is available by calling 1-800-SENTARA (1-800-736-8272).

Joint replacement patients are encouraged to involve their families and make connections with others undergoing the same procedure. Cohorts of like patients are created to build camaraderie and friendly competition among patients as they track their progress on the therapy board. This practice helps patients become part of a network or support group encouraging progress and better outcomes after surgery.

Outcomes are tracked against national benchmarks, and the orthopedic team gathers feedback and recovery progress details directly from patients after they have departed the center. The orthopedic team at Sentara OrthoJoint Center is committed to providing the highest quality program possible for the Northern Virginia community.