Hospital Billing Process

Scheduled Services

In most cases after your service is scheduled with Martha Jefferson, one of our representatives will contact you to gather personal and billing information. We will ask for your insurance information and will verify coverage during our conversation. If your insurance company requires prior authorization for your services, it is your responsibility to ensure that authorization has been obtained and provided to us.

As a routine practice, we collect copayments that you are responsible for prior to or at the time of your service. Because treatment plans may change during your hospital stay, it is difficult to estimate your final total charges at the time of service; therefore, a balance may be due upon receipt of your final bill.

Processing Your Bill

You will receive from your insurance carrier a form entitled “Explanation of Benefits,” indicating the portion of the bill that your insurance company has paid. Once the hospital processes the insurance payment, we will send you an updated bill showing the balance you still owe to Martha Jefferson. If we are unable to obtain payment from your insurance carrier, we will ask for your help in getting the bill paid. If you do not have insurance coverage, we will send you a bill shortly after services are rendered requesting payment of the balance due.

Insured Patients

Martha Jefferson Hospital will collect per visit co-payments at the time of service or prior to service in compliance with a patient's insurance benefit terms and will file insurance claim forms for most insurance plans when assignment of benefit has been provided by the patient at the time of registration. The patient or responsible party may be asked to assist in working with Martha Jefferson Hospital and their insurance company if the insurance company fails to pay a claim that meets all payor/billing requirements within forty days of claim receipt in accordance with Virginia law.

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