After initially resisting joint replacement, a sports enthusiast finds a new life after hip surgery.

Back in action

Image Greg Wells Charlottesville Ortho Hip Surgery Image Greg Wells Charlottesville Ortho Hip Surgery Image Greg Wells Charlottesville Ortho Hip Surgery

As chief executive officer at ACAC Fitness and Wellness, Greg Wells has always been a man on the move. A few years ago, however, Greg began to favor one side when walking. Doing so would cause his back to flare up.

After physical therapy failed to alleviate his pain, Greg made an appointment to see Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Hall. Dr. Hall told Greg that while he wasn’t yet a candidate for hip replacement surgery, he likely would be at some point.

“I was determined to prove Dr. Hall wrong and figure out a way to avoid a hip replacement,” recalls Greg. “One day I played 18 holes of golf, worked out, moved firewood and then eventually sat down to read a book for an hour. When I went to get up, I couldn’t, and that’s when I finally knew it was time. I made another appointment with Dr. Hall, and the first thing I said was, ‘You win.’”

Preparing for a successful surgery

Greg understood that the more he could do ahead of time to help himself, the better his outcome would likely be.

“I went to classes and worked on strengthening muscle,” he says. “I also attended the information sessions off­ered by Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital, which prepared me for what I would experience during and after surgery.”

Words of Wisdom

Greg soon discovered he had made the right decision to have his hip replaced:

“When I began walking the morning after surgery, I was able to straighten up, and my back had immediate relief,” he notes. “It was amazing. I feel fantastic. I had no idea what I had been missing, and I have never felt better than I feel now.”

“I really just followed exactly what was prescribed, though, and I would tell others to do the same. Don’t do any more, or any less – follow their recommendations, and you will get back on your feet quickly, Greg says.”

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