“In four weeks, it was hard to detect that I had a knee replacement,” says Ron about his surgery.

Off crutches within a week

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Ron Baellow was only 54 when he turned to Martha Jefferson Orthopedic Services for his second knee replacement.

“Two years before, I started having issues with my left knee. I had arthroscopic surgery and injections, but the pain got worse,” he says. “It felt like I was being stabbed in the knee with a knife.”

Once Ron decided on knee replacement surgery, he attended Joint Camp at Sentara Martha Jefferson. An orthopedic navigator explained what would happen before, during and after the surgery.

“It was very detailed, meaning there were no surprises when I came in for my operation,” Ron shares.

Up and moving

Ron had a subvastus knee replacement. This type of surgery spaces the quadriceps muscle and tendons and may result in less pain immediately after surgery.” That was the case for Ron.

“I was up immediately,” he says.

Ron attended group physical therapy and enjoyed the friendly competition he found among his fellow patients. He praises the Sentara Martha Jefferson team who helped him.

“They were focused on me and my needs, as if they didn’t have any other patients,” he says. “I was amazed at how attentive everyone was.”

Twenty days after his surgery, Ron’s activity level was the same as pre-surgery.

“I was off crutches within a week, and within four weeks it was hard to detect that I had a knee replacement. At six weeks out, when I was grocery shopping, two people stopped me, confused, asking hadn’t I had knee surgery?”

The biggest message that Ron relays to people: “If you’re in pain and knee replacement can help, just do it. Why wait to improve your quality of life?”

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