Community Outreach

Sentara Martha Jefferson provides mission-driven community outreach to support the health needs of underserved persons and to improve the overall health and well-being of our community.

We offer programs aimed at improving community health and to detect early onset of illness and disease. To support this objective, Sentara Martha Jefferson established its Sentara Starr Hill Health Center, located at the Jefferson School City Center.

Sentara Starr Hill Health Center provides services free of charge to qualifying children and their families working to address childhood obesity. A nurse practitioner conducts health assessments and writes individualized plans to help children and families reach wellness goals. Additionally, the center provides medication reviews, CPR training and educational sessions to help meet healthcare needs in the community.

In addition to our services at Sentara Starr Hill, we offer other programs to benefit the community, including:

  • Summer Junior Volunteer Program
  • Medication Drop Off, a free drop-off collection and disposal of your unwanted medications, held annually
  • Elementary Schools Standards of Learning Health Education