Advanced Specialty Treatment

We are dedicated to bringing the latest medical technologies to cancer care. Regardless of where you may be on your cancer journey, we offer a variety of different treatment options.

  • Targeted Therapy

    Targeted therapies are systemic biologic drugs that have a specific molecular target in cancer cells. They act mainly on those targets with the goal of leaving the healthy cells unharmed. Some may prevent the growth of new blood vessels that supply tumor cells with blood, oxygen and other nutrients. Others bind to special sites on the cell surface to stop the cell's growth and promote cell death.

    Since chemotherapy's side effects are often the result of harming the healthy cells along with the cancer cells, the targeted therapies offer new possibilities.

    Though not for every type of cancer, targeted therapies are one more important tool available for treatment of cancer.

  • Genetic Counseling

    Genetic counseling is a service that can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your family and medical histories. Through a detailed family history and genetic testing, you will be empowered with information about your genetics and your providers will be better able to help you manage or stave off potential future health problems.