Our medical oncologists have expert knowledge of which chemotherapies work for what cancers and how to manage the side effects of these drugs. Drugs used may include anticancer drugs, hormones or biological therapies. These medications may also be offered as a part of a clinical trial.

Chemotherapy drugs may be given orally by pill or liquid, by injection, or intravenously at an infusion center. Oncology-trained nurses administer physician-directed therapies in comfortable, light-filled infusion centers. Frequency of your treatments will depend on your specific cancer type.

Your doctors will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is best for you, including which chemotherapy will be most effective.

Sentara Martha Jefferson Infusion Center

The Sentara Martha Jefferson Infusion Center is a place where patients can receive intravenous infusions and therapeutic injections in a safe, professional and comfortable environment.

The Center’s many windows provide a pleasant view of our Pink Garden, as patients relax in the cushioned chairs we provide during their treatment. Our goal is to make patients comfortable while we provide caring, customized treatment.

Our nurses are trained in oncology and infusion nursing and may administer chemotherapy, biological therapy or supportive blood transfusions for cancer, as well as various infusions for non-cancer patients. The nurses in the Infusion Center also specialize in teaching patients to care for themselves.

The Sentara Martha Jefferson Infusion Center is conveniently located just inside the Phillips Cancer Center, with free self-parking or valet parking immediately adjacent to the building.

Martha Jefferson Cancer Center Oral Medication