Our Sentara Martha Jefferson hand and wrist surgeons in Charlottesville, Virginia have received additional training and certifications to be able to provide you with highly specialized, quality care. They will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan that can include both non-surgical and surgical techniques. Our goal is to relieve pain and restore function as quickly as possible for each patient.

We provide treatment for many common hand and upper extremity conditions:

  • Arthritis of the hand and wrist

    Often manifests as pain with pinching or gripping activities or swelling and stiffness in the fingers

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

    Produces numbness, tingling or pain in the fingers and hand

  • Cubital tunnel syndrome

    Often presents with numbness, weakness or clumsiness, particularly when using the hand for fine motor activities

  • Dupuytren’s contracture

    Can cause the fingers to bend in toward the palm such that the patient is unable to straighten them

  • Extensor tendon injuries

    Involves the tendons that allow the fingers to straighten or the wrist to extend

  • Finger and wrist fractures

    Operative and non-operative care for all fractures of the hand, wrist and elbow

  • Flexor tendon injuries

    Involves the tendons that allow for gripping activities or bending the thumb or fingers toward the palm

  • Flexion contracture

    Involves a finger bent at a joint and "stuck" in that position

  • Ganglion cyst

    A non-cancerous soft tissue mass in the hand or wrist that is filled with fluid

  • Lateral epicondylitis

    Also known as "tennis elbow," a condition which causes elbow pain with activities involving pushing, pulling, grasping or lifting

  • Skier’s thumb

    Results from trauma to a ligament of thumb that causes side-to-side instability of the thumb, particularly with pinching or gripping

  • Trigger finger

    Involves painful clicking or locking of a finger, which may progress to the point where the finger becomes "stuck" in one position

  • Wrist and small joint arthroscopy

    Minimally invasive treatment of ligament and cartilage injuries within the wrist or the small joints of the hand