Educational Programs

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital physicians and cardiology care staff design educational programs to address a broad range of heart care topics. Please browse our class listings. Or, call us at 434-654-7009 or 1-888-652-6663. We can provide you detailed information and register you over the phone.

Heart to Heart

Sharing the experiences with others who are living with heart disease can uniquely provide comfort, support, and understanding. The Heart to Heart program offers education, discussion and reassurance with structured meetings that include a presentation by a physician and ample time for discussion and questions.

Exercise for Life

Taught by the cardiopulmonary rehab staff, this class provides the "nuts and bolts" of an exercise program by defining the exercise prescription for the cardiac patient and presenting the expected health benefits and necessary information about exercise conditioning. Registration is required for this free class.

Food for Thought

This heart healthy nutrition session, taught by our registered dietitians, will discuss protective nutrients such as healthy fats, fiber, potassium, calcium and antioxidants. Includes tips to reduce harmful saturated fats, trans fats and sodium. Registration is required for this free class.

Living Well: How to Prevent Vascular Disease

Learn about coronary artery disease and other forms of heart and vascular ailments. Topics include exercise, angioplasty, bypass surgery, medications and ways to reduce cardiac risk factors. Registration is required for this free class.

Stress Management: Taking Control

Understand the physiological, psychological and social impact of chronic and acute stress on individuals and families. Taught by Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital stress management educators, learn about how to identify personal causes of stress, how they affect you and how they can increase your risk of heart disease. Various strategies for coping with and reducing stress are presented with the opportunity for practice. Registration is required for this free class.

Heart Healthy Supermarket Smarts

Learn how to buy heart healthy foods at the grocery store. Select foods that are higher in fiber and lower in fat, cholesterol and sodium. The program is free but registration is required.

Calming the Chaos

Learn how to use your own heart-centered positive feelings such as appreciation, care and love to create stress relief that not only lasts but may actually reverse the physical damage of stress. This two-part program introduces you to a system of powerful, easy to learn and easy to use tools to improve how you feel. Registration is required for this free class.