Cardiac Rehabilitation

Health & Wellness, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital's Charlottesville cardiac rehabilitation center, supports patients who have chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system. Whether recovering from a heart attack or working hard to minimize the effects of congestive heart failure, patients find the education, exercise equipment and support they need. All in a safe environment where highly-trained staff monitors heart function and can respond immediately to patients' needs.

Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

For patients in the hospital who have experienced a recent heart attack, stent or balloon angioplasty, pre-heart bypass or valve surgery, heart failure, or who have risk factors for heart disease (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure) or chest pain, we provide education about the heart condition and a heart-healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise, smoking cessation and stress management. Patients are often referred to outpatient cardiac rehabilitation center in Charlottesville if appropriate.

Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Once a patient has left the hospital, patients may be referred to a medically supervised, monitored environment to heal and recover from their heart incident, and learn how to avoid further heart issues. Phase 2 offers a 6 to 12 week program designed to assist the patient in implementing a heart-healthy lifestyle through individualized exercise and education. Phases 3 and 4 are self-pay programs for patients who often graduate from the monitored program and decide to remain. Health and Wellness education classes are free and open to the public.