Education and Support

To create the best outcome after joint replacement surgery, the Sentara OrthoJoint Center combines the expertise of a dedicated orthopedic team with the individual needs you and your family may have. Team members at Sentara OrthoJoint Center locations have been hand-picked for their positive attitudes, motivational skills and desire to provide outstanding service. The staff has been specially trained to the provide comprehensive clinical care you need when undergoing joint replacement surgery

  • You will be assigned an orthopedic patient navigator to serve as your primary contact as you plan for, undergo and recover from joint replacement surgery. Navigators offer patient education and are available to answer questions before or after surgery, helping you feel better prepared before surgery and comfortable once you depart the center.
  • Exercise and therapy are provided in a group setting so that you can support and encourage each other throughout the recovery process. Often, new friendships are made and friendly competition ensues, which enhance your experience. This practice helps you become part of a network or support group encouraging progress and better outcomes after surgery.
  • Your family members are encouraged to participate in group activities, meals and other events as you recover. This additional support further helps to boost your recovery.

Surgery through the Sentara OrthoJoint Center includes the following:

  • An informative preoperative joint replacement workshop for you and your family.
  • Presentations to help explain the specific joint replacement surgery.
  • A comprehensive guidebook for joint replacement surgery.
  • Daily educational newsletters while a patient is in the hospital.
  • An ambulation board to help track recovery progress.
  • Special training for your "coach" – a family member or friend you choose to help with your recovery.
  • Occasional seminars on the most common causes and the latest treatment options for knee and hip pain. Call 1-800-SENTARA for the time and location of the next seminar.

Watch a video on what to expect during your stay at a Sentara OrthoJoint Center®.