Group Physical Therapy & Discharge

Most patients will begin getting up and moving around the day of surgery. Patients attend group physical therapy in the hospital gym designed to simulate a home setting, including customizable stairs and a simulated car.

Patients and their care partners have expressed a great deal of satisfaction attending group physical therapy and visiting with other patients, some of whom they have met at the Joint Camp they attended prior to surgery. It also allows for patients to share their progress with mobility.

Being around others that have had a similar surgery creates an environment of compassion between families.

After you finish up your group physical therapy class, our navigator will come to the gym and review key information that you need to remember when you go home. Some of the topics reviewed include:

  • How to decrease swelling in your surgical leg
  • Activities you should resume at home
  • How to control your pain
  • When you can drive
  • Signs and symptoms that you need to report to your surgeon