Joint Pain Seminars

If you are suffering from joint pain, especially in your knees, hips or shoulders, then you are experiencing firsthand the affect it can have on the activities you love the most such as running or playing golf—even everyday necessities such as walking up the stairs can be difficult. When is it time to get your mobility—and your life—back?

Joint replacement surgery is an important consideration that requires an understanding of the potential risks and benefits. Join us for an educational talk on arthritis, “Joint Pain: When is Enough, Enough?”, presented by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in joint replacement. You will receive an overview of the different types of arthritis, including various treatment options. In conclusion, a brief introduction to joint replacement surgery will be discussed.

Deciding when “enough is enough” may not be easy, but this program can help you take the first step toward a better understanding of your pain and the treatment path that’s right for you. Light refreshments served. Free; registration is required. Call 1-800-SENTARA (1-800-736-8272) or click here to register online.