Joint Replacement Camp

Be Prepared. It’s a motto you can live with, and we want to make sure you do.

That’s why our team of joint replacement experts developed a comprehensive pre-surgery camp. The camp is led by our Orthopedic Joint Navigator, who will make sure you receive the information you need to help alleviate anxiety about the “unknown” of surgery and the hospital stay.

As an attendee of the Joint Camp, we ask you to complete a Self Assessment Form to let us know what your plans are after surgery, what equipment you currently have access to and any significant medical problems that our team should be aware of so that we may provide the best care for you during your physical recovery.

You'll see diagrams of a normal joint, an arthritic joint and one that demonstrates your implant. A physical therapist will address both pre-operative and post-operative exercises, as well as the progression of activity during the hospital stay. An occupational therapist will explain the use of assistive devices during the post-operative period.

A case manager will discuss discharge options and provide educational packets that include information tailored to your needs.