Our Experts

We brought together a multidisciplinary team to address every aspect of your surgery and recovery.

A board-certified anesthesiologist works alongside your surgeon in addition to a team of specially-trained operating room nurses. Together, they focus on all aspects of the surgery including the use of innovative techniques to optimize post-operative pain management and faster recovery times.

After surgery, you'll recover on an orthopedic unit where specially-trained nurses care for you. Your physical and occupational therapists will be there as well to assist you in your first few days of living with your new joint.

By the time you leave, you’ll be ready for the next phase of recovery, which is most commonly completed in your home.

  • Orthopedic Navigator

    Our orthopedic navigator is the lead instructor at the pre-operative Joint Camp. During this educational meeting, the orthopedic navigator, along with a physical therapist and case manager, will share with you and your care partner everything you need to know to get ready for surgery.

    As a nurse, the orthopedic navigator will see you on weekdays while you are in the hospital. During these daily rounds, she can provide reassurance that you are progressing as expected, assist you with pain management options and provide education as to what to expect on a daily basis. Our navigator works alongside your surgeon to provide for post-operative care while you are here and is also available to answer questions or concerns you may have regarding your progress at home. She works closely with the surgeons, nurses, therapists and case manager that all work together as a team to assist you with your recovery after joint replacement surgery.

    Potential patients may be referred directly to the orthopedic navigator from 1-800-SENTARA. Inquiries regarding joint replacement surgery or post-operative expectations are forwarded to the orthopedic navigator.

  • Physicians

    Our physicians are supported by the technology and high-level credentials you'd expect from a world-class facility. But they also offer compassion and personal care that is second to none.

    It all begins with your orthopedic surgeon. Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital has a number of board-certified orthopedic surgeons on its medical staff, from various clinics in the Charlottesville area.

  • Nurses

    Throughout your inpatient stay with us, you will be seen by our nurse practitioner. She works closely alongside your surgeon and with the other nurses, physical therapists, case managers and navigator.

    In addition, all of our nurses in our orthopedic unit are specially trained orthopedic nurses. They are here to listen to your needs and help you understand your treatments and their impact on your life.

    The mission of Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital nurses is to promote physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being in Charlottesville and the surrounding communities; to share the joy of birth, to heal the sick and injured and to offer heartfelt care to the dying.

    This mission is realized through:

    • Our patient- and family-centered care model
    • Our professional practice model, actualized through a well-developed model of shared decision making and a commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration