Why Choose Sentara OrthoJoint Center® at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital?

The Sentara OrthoJoint Center at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital offers an exciting new way to get back on your feet – and back to the activities you enjoy. Take a closer look at the proven quality methods in our Sentara Ortho Joint Center® that offer you a quicker recovery:

  • Questions are answered through workshops, a patient guidebook, and more. Plus, your orthopedic patient navigator keeps you informed and on track.
  • The latest surgical techniques for joint replacement are used, including the direct anterior approach hip replacement.
  • You choose a friend or family member to be your “coach,” and you are encouraged to wear your own comfortable clothes throughout recovery.
  • Group therapy sessions are all opportunities to bond and share information– family members welcome.

Once you've made the decision to have a joint replacement, then it's time to choose your healthcare team.

The mission of the Sentara OrthoJoint Center® at Sentara Martha Jefferson is to provide individualized, evidence-based and standardized care for joint replacement patients that fosters return to a pain-free lifestyle.

Our joint replacement specialists have developed a comprehensive program that combines the highest quality medicine with personalized care. It's important for you to know that choosing us means choosing quality.

  • Experience. Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital averages more than 600 total joint replacements per year, which exceeds the 100-case benchmark suggested by several national studies.
  • Strong Recovery. Ninety percent of patients are walking at least a few steps on the day of their surgery. On average, our recovering joint replacement patients walk close to 800 feet during their hospitalization.
  • Length of Stay. Our average length of stay is approximately two days.
  • Returning Home. Over 80 percent of our total joint replacement patients are able to go directly home from the hospital.
  • Infection Prevention. At Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital, patient safety is our top priority. Our goal is always to prevent any possible infections and we are committed to following the most stringent best practices when it comes to infection prevention.