Understanding Birth eClass

Can’t come to childbirth class? We’ll bring the class to you.

Maybe you work late or on weekends, perhaps you’re on bed
rest for health reasons, or you just prefer to learn online. Whatever the reason, our online childbirth education program is the perfect alternative to an in-person class.

Get the information you need to be prepared for your labor and birth.

  • Learn about your changing body
  • Recognize signs of labor
  • Watch real-life birth videos
  • Discover helpful comfort techniques
  • Get an overview of medical procedures
  • Understand your baby’s arrival
  • Know what to expect after giving birth

Take the class at your own pace from your personal computer or mobile device.

The eClass includes engaging videos, 3D animation, interactive
activities games, quizzes, helpful links, downloadable checklists, birth plans, and more.

See a preview of the class here. To learn more or register call 434-654-7009.