Our Experts

Our center offers the broad range of services, including neurology, neurosurgery and neuro-rehabilitation. We have a team of dedicated physicians, therapists and staff who provide attention to every aspect of your care.

It is this team of professionals that takes us from quality treatment to outstanding care. It is the compassionate physicians who work together to develop individualized treatment plans with each patient, the specially-trained nurses and physical, occupational and speech therapists who treat each person with dignity and respect.


The diagnosis and treatment of a neurological disorder often involves the services of many physicians and staff working together as a team.

Our physicians are supported by the technology and high-level credentials you'd expect from a world-class facility. But they also offer compassion and personal care that is second to none.

Sentara Martha Jefferson Neurosciences provides a central location for your physicians to consult with each other as well as the other members of your team, which allows them to take advantage of added expertise and ensure that they develop a comprehensive coordinated treatment plan for you.

Our board-certified neurologists provide treatment for the complex neurological conditions that may be caused by injury or disease. We use the latest technology and treatments to diagnose and treat diverse, chronic and challenging problems involving the brain, spine and nervous system.


Highly skilled neurosurgeons offer minimally invasive spinal surgery and treat adult cranial and spinal disorders, primary and metastatic tumors of the brain, skull base tumors, stereotactic surgery and spinal trauma. Our surgeons are board-certified and highly experienced. Your surgeon can explain the specifics of your surgery and the recovery required.

Rehab Therapists

Our highly professional and well-trained rehabilitation therapists provide comprehensive care to patients with many types of disorders. Our therapists utilize the latest evidence-based treatment techniques and state-of-the-art equipment in the beautiful outpatient care center. We pride ourselves on our personalized, one-on-one care delivered directly by the therapists to each patient. Each therapy treatment session includes ongoing therapist re-assessment of their patient's progress. The therapists utilize customized hands-on care, individualized home exercise programs and one-on-one patient education which help each individual move efficiently toward his or her personal goals.