Sentara Martha Jefferson Memory and Cognition Clinic

Memory loss and other cognitive deficits that accompany dementia  impacts many of us, whether directly or through our friends and family. That is why the Sentara Martha Jefferson Neurosciences has developed a clinic specifically for memory and cognition disorders.

Our goal is to accurately diagnose and treat patients in a compassionate and understanding environment, using evidence-based guidelines and quality care. This multi-disciplinary clinic emphasizes patient and caregiver-centered decision-making.

In treating the patient, we aim to reverse disease where possible, slow decline, and maximize functional abilities, independence and quality of life. In treating the caregiver, we aim to reduce their stress and burden by providing education around the patient’s diagnosis and expected course, helping to anticipate the patient’s increasing needs, assist in planning for expected changes in the patient’s condition, providing knowledge of local resources and being a source of emotional support.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Patients who come to the Sentara Martha Jefferson Memory and Cognition Clinic are seen by a neurologist who will take a comprehensive history and physical. Additional testing may be required, including bloodwork, brain imaging, electroencephalography and neuropsychological evaluation. The neurologist will use the information obtained to establish:

  • Is there dementia?
  • If there is dementia, is it reversible?
  • What is the cause of the dementia?

Once the evaluation has been completed, treatment may begin with either the goal of reversing the dementia or slowing it. The neurologist will work with physical and occupational therapists, home health services and a neuropsychologist as appropriate to ensure all aspects of the patient’s life are considered.

Treatments may include medications, cognitive rehabilitation, home health nursing and palliative care. Our team is also trained to provide advance care planning as needed.