Seizure and Epilepsy Clinic

One in 10 people will have at least one seizure during their lifetime. In fact, 1 percent of all visits to emergency departments in the U.S. is due to a seizure. Epilepsy (the tendency to recurrent seizures) is one of the most common neurological disorders affecting approximately 1 percent of the U.S. population. While medication is the mainstay of therapy for most patients with epilepsy, no two patients are the same and the choice of specific medication requires careful analysis, titration and monitoring. Frequent changes to medication regimens are commonly necessary due to insufficient seizure prophylaxis, adverse side effects or other issues.

The Sentara Martha Jefferson Seizure and Epilepsy Clinic takes away many of the complexities that accompany this already devastating disease. Patients diagnosed with a seizure disorder will be gently guided through the process of diagnostic testing and evaluation to clarify the type and frequency of seizures. They are seen by a specialized neurologist who will monitor and adjust their medication regimen as appropriate using proven, standardized treatment protocols. Our team will also work with his primary care physician to ensure that all aspects of the patient’s medical care are well coordinated.