Neurological Rehabilitation

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital therapists treat patients with neurological problems that include stroke, MS and Parkinson's disease. Specifically designed exercises, cardiovascular training, balance and gait training can help limit impairments that lead to functional limitations and disability. Sentara Martha Jefferson physical and occupational therapists also provide the necessary education for patients and their families to further assist in neurologically-related disease management.

Post-Concussion Syndrome

After a person suffers a concussion, he may experience continuing symptoms such as headaches, nausea, balance problems, dizziness, double or fuzzy vision, sensitivity to light or noise or concentration and memory problems.

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital’s therapists offer post-concussion syndrome testing and treatment including:

  • Biodex Balance Objective Assessment
  • Impact test
  • SCAT test
  • Balance and vestibular training