Financing Your Surgery

Many insurance companies provide coverage for bariatric surgery. The best way to find out if your insurance plan covers bariatric surgery is to call the customer service number on the back of your health insurance card and ask if bariatric surgery is a "covered benefit" on your policy.

If it is, the health plan representative should be able to tell you:

  • The percentage at which it is covered
  • Whether there is a deductible
  • The amount of the deductible if there is one.

Many insurance companies have very specific requirements that patients must meet in order to qualify for bariatric surgery. These requirements will be reviewed with you when you have your first appointment with your surgeon. Insurance authorization for the surgery must be requested by the surgeon, so our office staff will take care of that for you when the time comes.

What are my options if I do not have insurance, or my insurance plan does not provide coverage for bariatric surgery?

In either case, one option is to pay for the surgery out of pocket. If you choose to pay out of pocket, you will be required to make a payment of $1,000 at, or prior to, the first appointment with the surgeon. This payment covers the cost of office visits with the surgeon, the registered dietician and the mental health specialist, all of which are required prior to surgery. This payment also covers any pre-operative lab tests or EKG that may be ordered by your surgeon but not covered by insurance.

If, after the initial visit with the surgeon, the surgery does not occur for any reason, this payment, minus any fees already incurred, may be refunded. The remaining balance must be paid in full prior to scheduling surgery. The remaining balance covers all costs related to the routine uncomplicated surgery, in addition to routine follow-up care for one year following surgery.

Beginning one year after surgery, the cost of band adjustments is either $250 per adjustment, or $500 per year for an unlimited number of adjustments. Each "year" begins on the anniversary date of your gastric band placement, not on the date you pay the yearly fee.

If you are not able to pay for the surgery out of pocket but you have insurance that does not provide coverage for bariatric surgery, we suggest that you contact the Obesity Action Coalition at 800-717-8117800-717-8117 or visit their website They have extensive information about working with your insurance provider to obtain coverage for bariatric surgery. We also suggest that you contact the person who handles employee benefits in your employer's human resources (personnel) office to discuss the possibility of your employer adding coverage for bariatric surgery.

If you are not able to pay for the surgery out of pocket and you have no insurance, you may be able to finance the cost of your surgery with a credit card, line of credit, personal loan or a medical loan. We participate in a medical loan program called My Medical Loan, which provides financing for bariatric surgery (in addition to other procedures). For information, call 877-788-0710 or visit

There are no payment plans or discounts available through Sentara Martha Jefferson Bariatric Care Center for this surgery.