The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has also identified factors that indicate bariatric surgery may be the best course of treatment. These factors include:

  • The person's willingness to adhere to a lifelong modification in daily diet and exercise
  • Psychological stability
  • The presence of an effective social support system


To ensure that bariatric surgery truly will be effective, each of our patients goes through a mental health evaluation and a nutritional assessment/education session. During these sessions, patients are evaluated so that they can be educated and prepared for such a life-changing event. These sessions are not intended to "weed people out," rather than to help ensure their success.

Depending on a patient's insurance requirements, he or she may also need to complete a medically supervised weight-loss program of diet and exercise.

Additionally, patients will have pre-surgical blood-work done and will need to receive a clearance letter from their primary care physician.

Finally, after receiving authorization from the PCP and a patient's insurance company, the surgery is scheduled and the patient comes in for a pre-op visit with the surgeon and a second visit with the dietician.