Surgery Day

After all the preparation required for surgery, coming into Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital for the surgery is almost easy. Patients come to the hospital on the morning of their surgery, are taken to the operating room and anesthesia is induced. The surgeons then go to work.

Following surgery, the patient goes to the recovery room for a period of observation first, then to a private room. Many patients are surprised that they are expected to get up off the stretcher and walk to the bed with assistance, but they typically can do so without too much difficulty.

That afternoon and evening, they will rest, but they will also be required to get up and walk around every two hours.

Patients may have visitors while in the hospital, and one adult may stay overnight with them if they wish (there is an extra bed or a fold-out chair in each room).

First thing in the morning the next day, they will go in a wheelchair to Radiology to have a barium study. During the study, an x-ray that is taken while they drink barium in order to verify that the opening to the stomach is big enough to allow the liquid to pass easily into the stomach.

Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve patients will then be allowed to begin sipping clear liquids after the first night if everything looked good on the x-ray. These patients will go home after a two-night stay, provided there are no complications.