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Sentara MyChart Account creation

Why should I have to create an additional account?

Sentara MyChart and Sentara Martha Jefferson patient portals are different products. Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital and Sentara Martha Jefferson Medical Group are transitioning to a new Clinical System (Epic); therefore, a new account is necessary.

How do I create an account?

View step-by-step instructions.

Why must I provide my Social Security Number to activate a Sentara MyChart Account?

Sentara MyChart provides you with a secure electronic method of accessing your personal healthcare information. To do this, we have secure guidelines that must be met. Sentara uses your name, date of birth, and social security number as your personal identifiers when generating your MyChart account. Our system can only link you to your medical information if all of your information matches.

Why is registering for Sentara MyChart different from the process at UVA?

UVa and Sentara Healthcare both use the same software vendor, Epic. The process for activating a MyChart account differs because the products are not exactly the same. Sentara MyChart is a part of a Sentara Patient Portal, which may contain other applications and information. This additional layer is built to require key pieces of information from you to validate your identity and link you to your medical record information.

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Personal questions to validate identity

Why does this process involve asking personal questions?

To ensure your identity, we use a third party vendor called Experian Identity Validation Services. This system poses questions which electronically identify you. This further protects your privacy while linking you to your healthcare information. Read more information on Experian Identity Validation Services.

How can I obtain a MyChart activation code without answering personal questions?

  • Your Hospital Visit Discharge Instructions contains a MyChart Activation Code.
  • The After Visit Instructions you receive from your Sentara Martha Jefferson Healthcare provider contains a MyChart activation code.
  • You may submit a MyChart Assistance Request to request a MyChart Activation Code.

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Information in your current Martha Jefferson Patient Portals

Where is my health information located?

  • Healthcare information for services received prior to September 30, 2016 may be requested through Medical Records.
  • Healthcare information for services (lab, office or hospital visit, appointments, etc.) received after September 30, 2016, using the new Epic software product, will be viewable on Sentara MyChart.

How do I obtain a new Sentara MyChart account?


  1. Click here to create a Sentara MyChart account, if you do not have one.

I have moved my information prior to November 18, 2016 and do not see my old information in MyChart

  • The information you have elected to move to MyChart is viewable by using the MyChart Central/LUCY feature. This information does not populate each individual section of MyChart.
  • From September 30, 2016 forward, the majority of healthcare information from services received at Sentara will be viewable in your Sentara MyChart account.

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Using MyChart to message my doctor’s office

How do I get my doctor’s name in the list for messaging?

Once an appointment is made after October 1, 2016, with your Sentara Martha Jefferson Medical Group provider, you may begin securely messaging your physician practice using MyChart.

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