Information in Your Current Martha Jefferson Patient Portals

Where is my health information located?

  • Healthcare information for services received prior to September 30, 2016 may be referenced on the previous Sentara Martha Jefferson Patient Portals until November 18, 2016.
  • Healthcare information for services (lab, office or hospital visit, appointments, etc.) received after September 30, 2016, using the new Epic software product, will be viewable on Sentara MyChart.

How do I move my old information so that I can still reference it using MyChart?


  1. Select the appropriate option below:

    Click here for directions to download a summary of your information for My Martha Jefferson Record Patient Portal (Hospital)

    Click here for directions to download a summary of your information for My Martha Jefferson Clinic Record (Physician Practice)

  2. Click here to create a Sentara MyChart account, if you do not have one.

  3. Click here to create a MyChart Central/LUCY account which will allow you to view your downloaded information.

  4. Click Here to save the summary of your information from your previous Martha Jefferson Patient Portals to MyChart Central/LUCY. (Upload)

  5. Click here to view the information you just stored in MyChart Central/LUCY

What if I decide not to move my information to Sentara MyChart?

  • It is not mandatory that you move your information from the Sentara Martha Jefferson Patient Portals.

  • You can always request a copy of your medical record through the Health Information Management office.

  • Your providers will continue to be able to access your healthcare information without any effort on your part.

I have moved my information and do not see my old information in MyChart

  • The information you have elected to move to MyChart is viewable by using the MyChart Central/LUCY feature. This information does not populate each individual section of MyChart.
  • From September 30, 2016 forward, the majority of healthcare information from services received at Sentara will be viewable in your Sentara MyChart account.

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