Managing Diabetes

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This free program focuses on the importance of managing diabetes – and how insulin can be an effective tool to help lower blood sugar. They share their personal stories about how insulin along with diet, exercise, and other diabetes medications, has helped them to manage their diabetes.

During the 60-minute Diabetes Together presentation, the A1C Champions will share:

  • The Champion’s personal story about living with diabetes and taking insulin
  • Why it is important to control blood sugar
  • Background information about insulin
  • Dispelling myths about insulin (e.g., insulin is a sign of failure; it will be too difficult to fit insulin into a routine)
  • Taking insulin as part of an overall diabetes management plan
  • Identifying and treating hypoglycemia
  • The importance of communicating with the healthcare team

Enter the hospital through the main visitor entrance. Go past the main desk to the end of the front lobby. Make the first left and go down hallway about half way. The Diabetes Center is on the right.