Ornish Program For Reversing Heart Disease

Heart Hands

Did you know that you can actually learn to "turn on" disease preventing genes and "turn off" genes that promote heart disease, diabetes, and even many forms of cancer?

Join us in a unique presentation with Dr. Gunadhar Panigrahi, cardiologist with Sentara Cardiology Specialists, on June 1 from 5 - 8 p.m. Dr. Panigrahi will introduce the Ornish Program for the Reversal of Heart Disease paired with a delicious plant-based dinner.

Learn how cardiologist, Dr. Dean Ornish, has compiled 35 years of scientific research on simple lifestyle changes, proven to not only stop coronary artery disease, but actually reverse blockages without surgery. This program is now covered by Medicare and many other insurance companies.

This is a free event. Space is limited. You must RSVP to Sharon Henley at sbhenley@sentara.com in order to reserve your seat.