Sentara Provider Works Closely With Patients and Surgeons

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Diane Weidner, NP-C

Sentara Surgery Specialists

Nurse Practitioner, General Surgery

“When I was 14, one of my healthcare providers was a nurse practitioner. I appreciated that she could be so personable and professional at the same time,” says nurse practitioner Diane Weidner. “She made me realize there was a softer side to medicine and that I could make a difference simply by relating to my patients as people.”

Before getting her Master of Science in Nursing degree, Weidner spent more than a decade caring for patients as a registered nurse (RN). Weidner worked as a nurse in a pediatric surgical center. She uses those skills as a provider with Sentara Surgery Specialists in Williamsburg.

Educates and Cares for Patients Having Surgery at Sentara Surgery Specialists

Weidner says a key role is to educate patients about what to expect before surgery. “I want our patients to understand the experiences they may have and what they can do to have good results after surgery,” she says. “I find that when people have a better understanding of the procedure, including how and why it’s performed, they are more likely to follow their doctor’s instructions. The more time and energy we put in up front, the more likely patients are to feel good, mentally and physically, when they come out of surgery.”

Weidner helps coordinate patients’ tests before the procedure, then she visits patients in the hospital and coordinates their discharge. After surgery, she sees them in the clinic to ensure they are recovering well. From beginning to end, she answers questions and provides support for patients at Sentara Surgery Specialists.

Walks in Others’ Shoes to Ensure the Best Surgical Care in Williamsburg

“I’ve always been drawn to anyone that was sick or hurt,” says Weidner. “I feel like it is my duty to care for people, and I enjoy doing it. It’s natural for me to care for people not only in my professional life but also in my daily life.” Weidner received the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nursing, which honors exceptional nurses throughout the country.

“Every day I try to remember how vulnerable my patients may be,” says Weidner. “They are not a number; they are a person with fears, pains and complications that I may not understand. I try to put myself in their shoes, so I can treat them the way I’d want someone to treat my family or me.”

Weidner says she’s honored to be a nurse practitioner, and she doesn’t take it for granted. The reward is seeing patients progress and do better. “It’s great to see positive outcomes, and I feel best when a patient or their family member tells me I made a difference during a difficult time.”


Weidner is board-certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She received her Master of Science in Nursing degree from the Clarion and Edinboro Universities of PA. She sees patients at Sentara Surgery Specialists, located at 500 Sentara Circle, Suite 202, Williamsburg, Va.

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