Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center President Kathie Johnson is helping celebrate a major hospital milestone.

SNVMC President celebrates an anniversary while looking to the future

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Remembering the past, while celebrating the future

Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center President Kathie Johnson just celebrated her first year at the helm, “It has been absolutely wonderful. There are terrific people here to help with things and we’ve achieved a lot in one very short year.” 

Walk around the hospital and you’ll see what she means. Renovations are underway on the Emergency Department and Women’s and Children’s services. And, projects like the Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy Suite have concluded and are serving patients. The hospital is also working on bringing in new providers. It’s all in an effort to better serve the community.

“Our vision is to be the healthcare provider of choice in our market, which is Northern Virginia. What we’ve done is work with our community to identify services they would like us to bring to here,” explains Johnson.

It’s this attention to community Johnson extends outside and inside the hospital. As Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center approaches its 45th Anniversary, Johnson coined the phrase ‘45 years new’ and it took off from there, “I think it’s special for our employees who have been here for a while to remember all their coworkers and people who have come before. It’s really special for me, I’ve been here for 15 months, and to be able to work in an institution that has such a rich heritage, as well as a bright future, is very special for me. So, ‘45 years new’- we’re building on the past and moving toward an even better future.”

Johnson says that future includes more acute services, more preventative services and more outreach, “Our mission is to improve healthcare every day, so we’re not just here when people get ill, we’re here to keep people well and will work with our community to do just that.”

And, it’s something Johnson sees every day, she says the community's support, interest and enthusiasm are things she’s thankful for and are a part of Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center’s commitment to care, “Our goal is that people should not have to travel for healthcare. They should be able to get what they need right here. And, that’s actually what our #MySentara is all about – this is our hospital, we own it, we love it, we want it to be the best that it is and it’s also our community’s hospital so we want to be here for the community and whatever they need,” she says.