Quality and Patient Safety

Since our earliest years, more than 125 years ago, we have believed our community deserves health care that is measurably better.

The quality of health care is measured not merely by technology, because the latest equipment needs skilled, talented people to operate it. What really matters is the result. Was the surgery successful? Was the outcome what you hoped for? We aim to provide the best care, the right care, for you. Our goal is to lead the industry to achieve top 10 percent performance wherever national benchmarks exist.

We know how important it is for you to have comprehensive information available so you can make sound decisions about your health care. That’s why we provide information about our quality measures and how we compare to national standards. We also provide background on what quality means for you, defining costs and knowing what questions to ask when selecting a health care provider or hospital. We hope it helps you get the most out of your health care experience.