Ready to get up and get moving this summer? Here are four tips to help you get started.

Get walking for a healthy heart

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With summer approaching, it is the perfect time to start getting outside for a nice walk. Adults need 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each week. This could be broken down into 5 days a week of 30 minute walks or 10 minute walks 5 days a week, if you are just getting started or pressed for time.

Ready to get up and get moving? Here are four tips to help you get started:

1. Get a Plan

Think through the following: What time a day will I walk? Who will walk with me? Where will I walk?

2. Get Ready

Wear comfortable shoes with good arch support. Wear lightweight layers of clothing to protect from wind, rain and cold. Use sun protection including a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion.

3. Get Going

Your walk should include a few minutes of a slow warm-up walk, followed by brisk walking and then a cool down. 

Use good body mechanics with walking:

  • Keep your chin up and your shoulders slightly back.
  • Let the heel of your foot touch the ground first and then roll your weight forward.
  • Walk with your toes pointed forward.
  • Swing your arms naturally

4. Get More

As the walk becomes easier, walk faster and walk farther. Set goals and keep track of your progress with a journal. Reward yourself for reaching new goals.