CareLink is an emergency response service that enables anyone living alone—especially those with continuing medical concerns—to live at home, yet always be in touch with quick assistance when needed.

Pressing the button activates a small base unit that is plugged into the household telephone. The base unit then automatically contacts a 24-hour-a-day CareLink Support Center, where trained operators are on duty all day, every day.

In about a minute, a two-way voice link will open up from the CareLink base unit. The operator in the support center will be able to talk with you through a speaker/microphone in the base unit even though you are not holding or using the telephone.

The operator will talk with you to determine what help you need. This may mean simply calling your neighbors or family to help you up after a fall. Or it may mean dispatching an ambulance. Using CareLink means that you stay in control—and you tell the operator who you want to come to your assistance.

  • What if I press the button and they can't hear me?

    The support center operator will dispatch your neighbor, friend or family member to come to your home and provide help.

  • Is it expensive?

    Because CareLink is provided through a national network of caring, concerned providers, you pay a low, one-time registration fee and then only a monthly service fee. There's no equipment to buy, and no long-term commitment is necessary. To find out how reasonable the fees are, call your CareLink provider now.

  • Can CareLink help with medications?

    Yes. By using a CareMed dispenser, getting the right medications, in the right dosage and at the right time is ensured. If medications are not taken at the right time, CareLink will notify the support center. The operator will contact the client. If the operator is unable to get the client to take his or her medications a neighbor, friend or family member will automatically be called to assist.

  • Can I check CareLink and CareMed activity online?

    Yes. With the client's permission, caregivers, family and the physician can log on to a secure site and see any CareLink and CareMed activity, such as medical and nonmedical dispatches, monthly testing, low battery conditions, missed medication dispensing and how many days are left of medications.

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