CareMed is a home-based, automated medication dispensing system that helps simplify the management of multiple medications, reducing the risk of missed or double doses.

A certified installer sets up the unit in the patient’s home using household power and a standard telephone line and makes certain that it is working properly.

After installation the Home Health nurse makes certain that the unit properly administers the patient’s medication regimen. The nurse establishes the correct initial regimen, obtains new prescription orders, fills the dispenser, programs it, and educates the patient and family on its use.

When refills are needed or a prescription changes, either the nurse or a trusted family member can refill the unit.

The CareMed unit verbally reminds the patient when it’s time to take a medication, and the patient simply pushes the red button to release the correct dosage. If the patient does not respond, CareMed uses repeated visual, verbal and other audio cues to gain the patient’s attention.

If the client still does not respond, a 24/7 CareMed attendant is notified. The attendant will attempt to contact the patient and help, but if unsuccessful, they will call a family member or other designated responder.

If a dose is not taken after a predetermined period, the medication is secured within the unit to prevent double dosing.

With the patient’s permission, healthcare providers or family members can log on to a secure Internet site and view information recorded.