Our Experts

While seeking therapy treatment, the following specialists may be involved in your care:

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals who specialize in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal (orthopedics), cardiopulmonary and neuromuscular impairments that effect an individual's ability to move and function in his or her daily life. Physical therapists treat patients of all age groups, from young athletes with sport related injuries to elderly persons who may have suffered a stroke or have had recent surgery. They work closely with the patient, as well as other health professionals to meet the individual's personal health goals.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists evaluate and offer treatments that assist people in restoring their activities of daily living that may be limited by physical or psycho-social injury, illness or surgery. Sentara offers a variety of specialized occupational therapy programs.

Occupational therapists utilize everyday life activities, like bathing or dressing or cooking to help those with disabilities lead independent, productive and satisfying lives. Occupational therapists also address issues related to restoring gross and fine motor function and coordination, primarily of the upper extremity.

Additional Specialists

In addition to the above, Cox Rehabilitation Center also has on staff speech therapists, a certified hand therapist and a certified lymphedema specialists.