Sentara Albemarle Medical Center has a mission of improving health every day. This is accomplished, in part, through our partnerships with many nonprofit groups. Sentara teams up with these organizations to fund numerous programs throughout our region. In 2015, Sentara Albemarle Medical Center contributed $2.235 million to the local community through a $1.339 million lease payment and $896,000 to local organizations. In an effort to improve community health, Sentara Albemarle Medical Center assists in fundraising efforts and supports education and prevention activities as well as other important initiatives.


As a matter of policy, the Sentara Albemarle Medical Center typically does not support the following: 

  • League sports
  • Golf tournaments
  • Galas
  • Alcohol, tobacco and/or gambling-themed events and fundraisers
  • Fees for individuals to attend conferences
  • Individuals, including patient assistance funds
  • Individual scholarships
  • Individual school events and school fundraisers
  • Arts programs and performances without specific connection to health improvement initiatives
  • Political programs or events
  • Activities that exclusively benefit the members of sectarian or religious organizations
  • Local fundraisers to benefit third-party campaigns and charities. (Does not apply to national organizations with branches/offices that work directly with the local communities.)
  • Organizations that discriminate by race, color, creed, gender or national origin 
  • Biomedical or clinical research
  • Direct support to endowments
  • Funding that supplants existing sources of support
  • Capital fund drives
  • Sentara programs
  • Services outside northeastern North Carolina

Important dates

The Sentara Albemarle Medical Center Sponsorship Review Committee meets quarterly to review applications which meet the criteria for funding consideration. 

  • For events in January – March, the application deadline is the first Friday in December.
  • For events in April – June, the application deadline is the first Friday in March.
  • For events in July – September, the application deadline is the first Friday in June. 
  • For events October – December, the application deadline is the first Friday in September.


Following each Sponsorship Review Committee meeting, organization contacts will be notified via email as to whether or not their request was approved for funding. Sponsorship payments will be processed immediately following the meeting, and checks will be mailed as soon as they become available from Accounts Payable.

Requests that are not in compliance with sponsorship guidelines will not be reviewed by the committee, and the organization contact will be notified via email of this decision upon receipt of the application.

Please note that funding for your organization may not be granted every year due to limited sponsorship resources and the extensive number of requests received.

For additional information, email sponsorships@albemarlehealth.org.