Diabetes Prevention Program

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This is an introductory class providing expectations and information regarding the year long Diabetes Prevention Program offered. Class schedule and materials will be provided.

To participate you must:
1. Be 18 years or older / BMI > 24 kg/m2 (> 22 if Asian)

2. No previous diagnosis of type 1 or type 2 diabetes

3. Diagnosis of prediabetes within the past year (HbA1C: 5.7% -  6.4) OR
Gestational diabetes based on (check one or more) - (HbA1C: 5.7% - 6.4)

4. Fasting glucose: 100-125 mg/dL
2 hr plasma glucose (140-199 mg/dL)
Previous diagnosis of Gestational diabetes

To Register Call: 757-395-8836

First floor thru the main entrance turn left at the concierge desk next to the elevators. The Diabetes Center will be on the right with all the glass doors and windows.