Living Beyond Cancer

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Please join us for Living Beyond Cancer Survivorship Virtual Class. Please register with your email address in order to participate.

As part of our survivorship program we are proud to offer classes at different hospitals throughout Hampton Roads. This class is designed to provide you and your family with information about transitioning to life after active treatment. From social workers, to dietitians, to physical therapists and navigators, our experienced team will be there to provide you information, and answer questions you may have.

During this two hour class, our team will review a variety of topics to include social and emotional changes, follow-up care, nutrition and exercise
information, and tips for managing this new chapter of your life.

This class is designed for cancer survivors from all types of cancer who have finished active treatment. We know that cancer not only impacts you as the
patient, but also your caregiver and loved ones. This is why we encourage you to bring a caregiver, spouse or loved one with you to the class to learn
about life after cancer.

Our learning objectives during this course will include:

  • Discuss the overall issues and challenges cancer survivors will face after treatment. We want to give you the resources and help needed as you move into life after your active treatment.
  • Recognize and understand the psychosocial issues survivors may face, and learn about the resources available to cope with these. From the fear of recurrence, to depression, to how your experience may affect your relationships, we understand there are many psychosocial changes you are working through as a cancer survivor. We want to help you understand these changes, and work through them in a healthy way.
  • Learn about the best foods to eat after treatment and how to reduce your risk of cancer recurrence. We will answer all your food and nutrition questions and guide you in the direction of better health.
  • Learn exercise tips and participate in exercise demonstrations to keep active at home. Exercising after cancer treatment is different than prior to a cancer diagnosis, and our experts are here to help you learn tips and tricks to stay safe during exercise.
  • Discuss after treatment side effects to include lymphedema and fatigue. We will walk through these potential effects with you so you understand what is happening, and we will identify resources to help you cope if they should arise.

Registration is required, please call 1-800-SENTARA (1-800-736-8272(1-800-736-8272) if you need to cancel.