Here are a few suggestions on how to get your family packed, en route and arriving in one piece with memories that can last a lifetime.

Family trip survival guide

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When school is out for summer and the whole family is together, a great opportunity exists to spend time together and visit new and exciting places. Unfortunately, the preparation for family trips can leave parents stressed, jaded and overwhelmed.

Tips to Surviving Summer Travel

  • Being away from home may cause your child a little anxiety. To calm any fears, put together a complete list of all the things your child will need and let your child pack his or her own suitcase. This will let your child know that all the comforts of home will be available to him or her on vacation. Also, your child will love being your special helper!
  • Entertainment is essential! Shortly before you leave for your trip, work with each child to fill a back pack with some fun items that will be available to him or her at all times. Make sure to include items for entertainment (like coloring books or travel games) as well as comfort items (such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animal). 
  • Prior planning prevents poor performance. Make sure all necessary gadgets (portable DVD players, iPads, iPods, etc.) are fully charged or have new batteries prior to your trip. Nothing is worse than having your DVD player die in the middle of a movie!
  • Traveling makes everyone hungry. Pack a small cooler with snacks and drinks and make sure it's easily accessible. This will prevent multiple stops at every rest stop, gas station or airport kiosk.
  • Accidents can happen anywhere – even in the car. Bring a fully stocked first aid kit with you just in case.