To help you maintain your best possible wellness, Dr. Betyshia Watson offers her top five healthy living tips for women.

Healthy living tips for women

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Women have health concerns that differ from men, and it’s important to know what you can do as a woman to stay healthy throughout your life. Making intelligent lifestyle choices will help you look and feel great at any age.

To help you maintain your best possible wellness, Dr. Betyshia Watson offers her top five healthy living tips for women.

1. Maintain good nutrition – With our busy schedules, we often find ourselves just grabbing something quick to eat – and it’s not always the healthiest option. Take the time to plan for well-balanced meals, as this is crucial to achieving your best possible wellness. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit and protein. It’s important to drink an adequate amount of water and limit foods high in fat content. Taking a daily multivitamin with at least 1000 mg of calcium and at least 800 IU of Vitamin D is important for bone health. For women planning pregnancy, it’s recommended to start taking a prenatal vitamin at least three to six months prior to trying to conceive.

2. Exercise often – By exercising often, you’re doing a tremendous favor to both your heart and your waistline! Regular cardiovascular activity is recommended for at least 30 minutes, three times per week for weight management and at least five to six times per week for weight loss. Strength training with hand-held weights is important to prevent osteoporosis.

3. Get annual checkups – Annual physical exams are a good time to have your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked. Heart disease is the number one killer of women, so this is important to monitor. Screening for cervical and breast cancer with a routine Pap smear and mammogram, respectively, should be discussed with your doctor as well.

4. Keep your bones healthy – In addition to taking calcium and vitamin D supplements, regular bone density screening every two years is recommended for women, starting at age 65, to assess for the development of osteoporosis or osteopenia. Decreased bone density can increase the risk of falls and fractures.

5. Manage stress – With challenges in our work, relationships and health, life can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Preventing stress is nearly impossible, but managing it is important. Take time to relax by getting a massage, participating in hobbies or spending time with close friends or family. You deserve it! Be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep each night.

 Lastly, don’t be afraid to address concerns for depression or anxiety with your doctor because treatment of these conditions can reduce stress.