Supportive doctors, encouraging staff and comfortable surroundings bring comfort in the face of two cancer battles.

Compassion and care: overcoming cancer

Hearing you have cancer is scary, so when Alison Broaddus was told she had developed two forms of cancer, she was more than terrified. Alison underwent treatment and surgery at Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center.

Now two years after her last surgery, Alison and her husband, Henry, are the proud parents of a healthy, 5-month-old daughter, Bailey.

 “In the summer of 2009, I was diagnosed with two separate cancers: thyroid and colon. The former of these two is not terribly uncommon for my demographic (a then 32-year old female); the latter is quite unusual,” Alison shares. “Receiving this news twice within a matter of months was a sobering experience.”

Today, Alison is cancer-free and thinks of her daughter as a miracle that she and her husband never dreamed would be possible after her diagnoses.

“Most days I think of myself only as a busy and extraordinarily happy mom and wife,” she says, “and not as a cancer survivor or patient!”

She has profound gratitude for every doctor, nurse and staff member who played a role in her treatment and recovery. The names she recalls: Dr. Terryl Times, Sentara Surgery Specialists; Drs. Bruce Booth and Michael Miller, Virginia Oncology Associates; and Dr. Ken Adams and his nurses, Tara and Annette. She credits these men and women, along with their support staffs, with the good health that she now enjoys. 

Care and community close to home

Among the bright spots in her treatment was the care that Alison received at Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center.

Without exception, she says, everyone was professional and skilled, but equally important, they offered words of encouragement at a scary time.

“Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center has clearly gone to great lengths to create as comfortable an environment as possible,” she says, “and it was definitely appreciated.”

Alison believes that people in her community enjoy the best of both worlds in Williamsburg – access to high-quality healthcare on par with that found in much larger cities, in a close-knit, caring community with a small-time feel.

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