Knowing how important it is to treat the whole person, hospital staff grants an elderly man’s wish of seeing his grandson’s wedding.

Caring from the heart

During one of Hampton Roads’ unusual snowstorms, Charles Crouch, 85, was admitted to Sentara Leigh Hospital with pneumonia.

Charles, a retired Norfolk Public School teacher, World War II veteran and avid poet, feared that he wouldn’t live to see his grandson’s wedding that was scheduled in four months. It meant a lot to both the bride and the groom that he attend their vows.

“When I was growing up, whenever I had a problem, my grandfather was always there for me,” said groom Nick Vandiver. “He was my grandfather, but he was always more of a friend and father figure to me.”

“There’s so much of this man in my husband,” said the bride, Lori. “He’s remarkable. It wasn’t a hard decision to move up the wedding.”


Wedding bells: making it possible


Chaplain David Cochran, Charles’ family and the Sentara Leigh Hospital nursing staff pulled together. The staff truly exhibited the Sentara Commitments.

As the snowstorm raged outside of the hospital, Hilary Worgess, RN, Jeanette Johnson, NCP, and Shirley Stalker, Clin II, wheeled Charles in his bed to the hospital chapel. At noon, he was able to witness his only grandson’s wedding, one of the first ever held at Sentara Leigh Hospital.

“It was very touching,” said Shirley Stalker, Clin II. “It was emotional. I was just so proud to be able to help make that happen for him.”

Charles was later discharged to an assisted living facility.


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